Soh Tong Heng & Co.



      As the business expand, the management sees a need to properly structure and document its organization and processes to improve control over operation and enhance the bottom line. The Company also has the means of measuring the effectiveness of the current practices. At the same time Soh Tong Heng & Co also want to differentiate itself from others by improving the quality of work done and customer satisfaction. The top management have decided that the best way to achieve that is to adopt and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2005 till date.




                            Our objectives

  • We have a quality policy process in placed, to ensure we provide and achieve Total Customer Satisfaction to all internal and external customers.


  • We are committed to the Continual Improvement of the company’s quality policy, quality objectives and the quality management systems in placed.


  • We strived to achieve a post service Customer Satisfaction Survey Rating of 4 (out of 6)


  • We constantly improve our worker’s skills and competency, to ensure they are capable to carried out their required task efficiently and safely.


  • We seek to achieve zero non-conformances due to any repair and servicing defects during our final inspections.